Shaken Oak Studios, Oxford

I want to give you guys a heads up to Shaken Oak Farm/Studios in Oxford.

If you are looking for a cosy environment for a nice weekend away from London, recording away on a “budget”, then look no further.

Arthur is developing what he calls “the super project studio.” The idea is having a computer centred recording system (and approach to tracking) with a few great sounding pieces of kit on your signal path, from UREI to Neve preamps, or perhaps an LA2A for your vocals or brass, or a Drawmer Mercenary edition for your drums?

Or if you are bussing elements, why not use the Thermionic culture mixer?

Arthur and Jake Murray brought me to this project to assemble a patchbay where a very comprehensive routing of talkback, cues and preamps were normalled in such a way that recording can happen instantly after plugin in microphones. But if your heart so desires, you can tirelessly select your preferred preamp for the perfect sound, or create complex signal flow paths.


Where the facilities really shine is on his amazing live room. This hall has that classic cottage feel to it, with tall ceilings, elevated mezzanine and fantastic view into the green fields of Oxfordshire. Did I mentioned it sounded very controlled and pleasing, with a nice short tail?

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures as Arthur is working restlessly to get the place 100% functional. There were some furniture being moved around to clear the place and make space for special furniture designed for Shaken Oak.

Have a look at his facebook page at



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