Mixing Engineer

Getting your tracks ready for release

Making your music come alive and ready for public consumption - in a true collaborative way. No matter where you are in the world.

Mixing is not just about getting things sounding larger than life. You get an expert second opinion about your tracks. I can help tighten up your performances, augment your sounds with creative sound design, reamp guitars, add some post-production tricks and sound effects, or simply get that mix ready for your favorite streaming platform or radio - at very competitive prices.

Having mixed a variety of commercial projects from orchestral music and jazz all the way to hard-rock and metal, I'm confident I can adapt to your project's needs and, as always, do what's right for the music and the listener's experience.

If this sounds good, drop me a message, and I'm happy to chat more about your project and find out what I can do for your music.

Sound Engineering and Recording Services

Capturing your track In the project studio as well as the big studio

Wether you need help tracking your EP or album, mixing your track to radio-ready standards or giving your mix the last QA and polish, I'm here to bring the best out of your track.

I believe in doing what's right for the song - using what we have at our disposal. We can get creative with new technologies or reuse tried and tested techniques.

Working on a budget? Let's use Kemper, Axe-FX and other amp emulators to help dial in your sounds. Maybe track drums in a smaller studio and get creative with processing and sample augmentation. Or perhaps we rent an amazing live room for a week to get all the tracking done.

I'm here to facilitate - to remove the technical challenge so you can work on performance and creative decisions for your track. From vocal sessions, to 60 piece orchestras, I'm here for your project.